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A summer wedding in Tenal von Fersen | Suomenlinna | Katrina & Alain

Katrina and Alain had the ceremony in their wedding venue, which was the athmospheric Tenalji von Fersen, located on the island on Suomenlinna. Originally they first met each other in Canada, where Katrina was studying abroad at the time.

In the morning Katrina was at the Hotel Fabian with her maids of honor, getting ready dor her big day. From there on we went to the ferry, where we had some time to take some quick potraits of Katrina. I think they turned out really nice. Once on the island, we did a First Look session, where they saw each other for the first time on that day.

From the archives, Pt. 2

This is a follow up to the first post in this series published a few months ago. These are photos from past years that haven’t been yet published in this blog, but ones I thought were deserving to see the light of day. :)

3D style wedding photos

Last week I saw this animation by WWF, which is done by using 2D photos only. I wanted to try to apply this tecnique to my wedding photos and instantly got to work. Although wedding photos are always 2D, it is possible to make some of the appear 3D with the aid of some photo editing and video editing.

From the archives

During this spring I will publish some wedding photos from the previous years, which haven’t yet been published on this blog for some reason or another, but deserve to be seen anyways. First in the line are four portraits from 2010, of which the 3 retro-stylised are taken in Malmi airport and one in Suomenlinna.

Hääkuva SuomenlinnaHääkuvia lentokentälläHääkuva lentokone

1st place in the biggest wedding photography contest in Finland

I was just informed that I’ve received the 1st place in the enviromental wedding portrait category! I’m really happy and humbled by this honor, as I placed in the 1st place last year as well. I’m the first Finnish photographer to have accomplished this so far. Below is the winning photo with Hanna & Kimmo in it!

Vuoden hääkuva 2013 miljöösarja palkittu voittajakuva

Wedding photo slideshows from the bridal fair

I held a couple of presentations at the bridal fair last weekend. Below you can view the videos that were a part of the presentations at the fair. They are categorized into the four main parts of the documentary wedding photography of the wedding day: Getting ready, ceremony, wedding portraits and the wedding reception.


1. Getting Ready

2. Ceremony

3. Wedding portraits

4. Reception