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Bridal fair at Wanha Satama | 12.-13.1.2013

Häämessut wanha satama 2013

I’ll be doing a lecture on documentary wedding photography at the Wanha Satama bridal fair on the 12th and 13th of January (15:00-15:30 on both days). You’re all welcome there to listen to the presentation and ask some questions!

If you wish to meet me at the fair, you can contact me beforehand. I don’t have a stand at the fair this year, but we can meet at the restaurant just beside the main entrance. I hope to hear from you soon! :)

You can contact me by e-mail or by phone 050-5746909.

Helsinki Cathedral and Suomenlinna | Heidi & Jaakko

A perfect day and a perfect couple. The sun is shining and everything goes smoothly. Being a wedding photographer in a perfect wedding day such as this is really easy (well, as easy as it gets), and getting a good shot is not that difficult. I like solving problems, and helping wedding couples during the wedding day is something I do if ther’s anything that I can help with.

Mustikkamaa, Helsinki | Lola & Nikke

Lola and Nikke had their wedding at Mustikkamaa, Helsinki. It’s a little island between Kulosaari and Korkeasaari. This was a relatively small wedding, but the mood was great! The first few photos of this post are from Hotel Kämp, where the preparations took place.

Photos in a wedding magazine | Häät ja Juhlat

In the brand new edition of the Häät ja Juhlat -magaziney you can find a wedding portrait, documentary photos and photos of details inside the magazine, all taken by me. Here are a few snaps from those pages.

A rainy day wedding portrait | Emma & Matti

When it comes to what brides are afraid of what unfortunate things might happen during their wedding day, rain is at the top of many lists. But keep in mind, that rain can also be a good thing, at least when taking the wedding portraits… Emma and Matti got married in Helsinki with just two whitnesses present, and after that we took the wedding portraits outside the church, as there was a small park there. Even though it was raining, I don’t think it was a bad thing for their photos. :)

Hääkuva sateella

Summer wedding at Tampere | Sini & Tero

This wedding from Tampere was held at a really nice venue, Villa Näsirinne. It’s a mansion beside a lake, and the all the quests were transported there with a private cruise. Meanwhile, me and the wedding couple were taking the wedding portraits all around Ylöjärvi, and we even had the time to take a few photos aboard the boat, once it had docked. And take a look at the size of that rock on the ring. ;)

Island | Silja & Marko

Although I’m going to publish a lot of photos from the summer before the winter begins, here is one autumn wedding photo from yesterdays portrait shoot. It was really windy, cold and there was rain at times, but it didn’t seem to bother Silja or Marko very much. My gear and I were also getting wet, but it comes with the job. And it was worth it. :)