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Karoliina & Petri | Wedding portraits from Helsinki

The autumn is about to begin, but there are a lot of wedding photos from this summer yet to be released in this blog! These photos of Karoliina & Petri were taken near the shore of Kaivopuisto. Below are a few of their own favorites.

A movie themed wedding at Salmi Sali | Kristiina & Niika

This wedding had been planned for over two years, and the bride Kristiina is the hostess of the most read finnish wedding blog: The Modern Bride! Movies were the theme for this wedding, and it could be seen from the selection of their hotel (B&W hotel Fabian) to the decorations at the venue Salmi Sali.

When we got to Salmi Sali, I told Kristiina that it would be nice to have a little more rain in the evening, when it gets a little darker. She looked as suprised as you could imagine, but I quickly explained to her, that it would be a cool thing for the portraits. So when it indeed started to rain for a while, I quickly asked Kristiina and Niika to come outside for a few minutes under the roof, and took some portraits. One of them is the very first photo in this post!

There are a lot of fun stories from this wedding besides the one I just told, but I’ll let the phototos do the telling from here on…

Yanzhu Liang - October 18, 2012 - 09:18

A gorgeous and romatic wedding, wow!

A summer wedding group portrait | Wedding photographer Helsinki

I went to take some wedding portraits with Karoliina and Petri, when Karoliina said she wanted a group portrait with the bridesmaids. It was a dry and hot midsummer day, so I asked the to just lay on the grass and took this shot from above. I sure wish it was summer all year long!

Underwater Trash the Dress

Let me be clear, she is not a real bride!! :D She is a model friend of mine, Anu. I’m not sure if any finnish brides are up for this kind of a Trash the Dress session, but if someone is, you know where to find me…

But lets get down to the photos. About a week ago I saw some inspirational underwater photos, and I immediately thought of getting a model, a few dresses, and going shooting underwater. How cool would that be?? Well, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. On the other hand it wasn’t technically easy at all, but once I got past all the technical stuff you have to take care of when shooting underwater, we had a blast! Thanks Anu once more and thanks also go to Hanna Koskinen, the owner of Stilissima, who lent the dresses!

One photo from Suomenlinna

The summer is going on with a fast pace! There are sooo many wedding and sooo many photos to edit, that keeping this blog up to date is no simple task. But I’m trying my best! :) Below is one photo of a recent wedding held in Suomenlinna.

What makes this photo so special is that it actually isn’t one photo, but a panorama of 12 photos!! You can’t take this photo with any single camera or lens, and it’s produced by a method that is coming more popular amongst a few professional wedding photographers around the world. Congratulations once more to Heidi & Jaakko!


Summer wedding photos in Espoo | Hanna & Kimmo

These photos were taken just before Juhannus – on 21.6.2012. Some of the photos are Trash the Dress-photos and the rest… well, they’re just sunny and full of summer. :) Hanna and Kimmo had a fun time at the shoot, and I think it shows in the photos.


A city wedding in Helsinki | Maria & Matti

This wedding certainly wasn’t one without tears and big emotions… But a large portion of those tears were tears of laugher, because there was an outstanding stand-up performance by a magician nearing the end of the wedding day. Even I had some troubles concentrating purely on taking photos, as the jokes were so hilarious! :D

At the time when Maria and Matti were organizing the wedding, Maria was working on the other side of the globe, in the USA. As you can imagine, this doesn’t make the preparations any easier, but the wedding couple still managed to make everything work perfectly on the day of their wedding!

Jonathan Barasch - July 10, 2012 - 00:51

Maria and Matti,

I now believe it! You were married!

What a beautiful wedding (and such elegant pictures) !

It seems that the experiment worked perfectly well (and does not require reproduction).

Best wishes,

Jon Barasch MD PhD

Wedding photos taken on an island | Helsinki | Marianne & Toni

I went by boat to an island outside of Helsinki to take some unique looking wedding photos with Marianne and Toni. The photoshoot was scheduled to take place a few days after their wedding, so we had several hours to take the pictures. The benefit from taking the pictures after the wedding is also that it doesn’t matter if the wedding dress gets a little bit dirty. It was a real pleasure woking with Marianne and Toni, as we had a fun time taking these photos! Remember to leave comments if you like the photos. ;)


Mark Martinez - August 18, 2011 - 15:05

Beautiful images! Fantastic color and contrast. Wonderful compositions. Well done!

Seni Kurki - August 22, 2011 - 18:09

Huntu on aivan ihana tuossa ensimmäisessä kuvassa!

Sylvie Pelbois- Tisserand - November 17, 2011 - 00:03

Congratulations for these wonderful photos. Such a Beautiful work!