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Wedding portraits in Helsinki | Kitty & Jarno

Kitty and Jarno got married abroad, but wanted their wedding portraits to to be taken in Helsinki, Finland. We took the photos during two hours in four different destinations: Johanneksenkirkko, Kaivopuisto, beside an old barn and in a wheat field. Including a lot of different backrounds made it possible to get a lot of variation in the photos, and I was really satisfied how they turned out to be! Kitty and Jarno were a pleasure to work with, as they had a lot of good ideas for the photos and weren’t afraid to pose at all.


Wedding photos published in a Finnish wedding magazine

I’m really lucky and happy to have wedding photos taken by me published in a Finnish wedding magazine named Mennään naimisiin! This is the third time my photos are being covered in a Finnish wedding magazine, and this is by far the largest article in my career. The wedding couple is Satu and Topi, whose wedding photos can be found in this blog a few posts earlier.

Here is the whole 8-page article…


Elina & Thomas at Helsingin Kaivohuone

This wedding had one centerpiece more than just the bride and groom – a wedding dress by Vera Wang! It was such a beautiful dress as you can see from the photos. The venue for the wedding was Helsingin Kaivohuone, which is an old building in Kaivopuisto. During the summers Kaivohuone is a legendary place for partying all night long, but after summer is gone it is trasformed into a restaurant you can use for a wedding etc.


Tu Jingwen - January 13, 2012 - 06:17

Stunning photography all around. Looking forward to seeing more of your very stirring work.

Wedding Blog Awards 2014

This wedding blog has been chosen to compete in the ‘Wedding Blog Awards 2014’ here in Finland. Even this place in the finals is a great honor for me, because jsut three best weding photography blogs have been chosen to compete in the ‘Professional’ category.

1st place in a wedding portrait competition!

I was recently honored with a 1st place award in the annual competition called “Vuoden hääkuva 2011” (which roughly translates to “The best wedding photos of 2011”), and is held by the biggest wedding magazine in Finland. The winning photo is a winter wedding photo taken during a heavy snowfall. I see snowfall and rain as an possibility, not as an obstacle, to take wonderful and different wedding photos. :)

I’m really happy to have received this award, because this category had the most participants amongst all the categories, and because this was only the second time I participated in this competition. Thanks go to Satu & Topi – the romantic couple in this photo!


A beautiful summer wedding in Espoo | Marianne & Toni

This wedding day was one of my faveorites during this summer. This has a lot to do with the fact that this was a military-style wedding, and included a lot of military-wedding traditions that are very festive. The day was sunny and full of joy. Marianne and Toni were a lovely couple whose attention to details really showed off during the wedding day.


A late summer wedding | Ida & Kalle

Nearing the end of this summer, Ida and Kalle had a intimite wedding in the Villa Meri. The athmosphere and the foods were excellent! And the reason that the foods were so excellent is that Kalles parents own a nice restaurant, and they provided all the food and drinks. Thought had also been put in the decorations and it really showed off. Nothing too fancy, but very stylish.


Bridal fair at Wanha Satama

I’m attending the biggest bridal fair of the year at Wanha Satama this coming weekend – the 14th and 15th of January. You’re welcome to meet me at my booth, which is number 153 in hall G. I will have a lot of wedding portraits on the walls and documentary wedding photos in wedding albums. Hope to see you all there!